Saturday, April 30, 2011

Outfit of the Day

After much debating, I decided I wanted to start doing outfit of the day posts. My main reason is that I love viewing other bloggers outfit of the day posts and hopefully someone will feel this way about mine. The outfit I’m wearing in this post is a very vintage inspired outfit and was so much fun to create and wear. I felt like I was going to a tea party! :)
I hope you like it! :) xoxo

My floral shrug, chino’s and flip flops are from Pennys/Primark, my tank top is from American Eagle, my hat is from H&M and all my jewelery is from Pennys/Primark. My bag is vintage – a hand me down from my mammy! :)

Make Up for the Hair

As a girlie who doesn’t wear make up (pretty much ever!), I like to style my hair with pretty accessories and styles on a daily basis. I’m quite lucky that I’m blessed to have long shiny brown wavy surfer like hair – which always makes accessorising super fun! From cute colored bobbins, to stacks of hair bands and clips – I am obsessed with making my hair super prettyful everyday! :)
I started playing around with some of my accessories today and I decided I would do a post on them. I’ve decided to keep my hats for another day (they are my new obsession!!) hehe ;)
So lovely blog readers, is there anyone else like me out there!? Who knows…but one thing’s for sure – this was a super fun post to shoot pictures for! But be warned…taking pictures of the back of your head just isn’t easy! ;)
Enjoy! :)

All of my hair pieces have a vintage feel and style – but are in fact all from the high street! Check out the stores below!
Green Rose: H&M
Floral Bow: New Look
Lace Slide: Pennys/Primark
Peach Rose Clip: Pennys/Primark
Feathered Hair Band: Pennys/Primark
Pearl Bow Hair Band: A|Wear

Heidi Higgins

When I think of true style, elegance and timelessness only one name springs to mind – Heidi Higgins. As a lover of fashion and timeless pieces, I am prone to following and obsessing over collections and designers such as Heidi Higgins. Heidi, who is from Co. Laois – only down the road ;) – is an Irish Fashion Designer and one I’ve had my eye on for quite some time. Her collections are filled with perfect cuts, pretty details and the potential of being apart of your wardrobe for years to come.
I have watched Heidi grow her company through her many appearances and mentions in the Irish Media. From Xpose, to the Sunday & Irish Independent to this months Stellar Magazine and I think it’s safe to say that Heidi Higgins is the talk of the fashion world and we can all see why!
What I love about Heidi’s pieces is their femininity. The colors and cuts of her designs are amazing and are designed to make you feel special. She captures these qualities in the photography of her ranges which are always based in classic, timeless locations – a perfect persona to match her products. Her most recent shoot was my favorite so far. Looking at the pictures I almost felt like I was there – back in another time. This is a magical characteristic to capture and I think Heidi is one girl who has it down to a tee.
Her latest collection is so stunning that I just had to feature it on my blog. This is my first time doing such a post and I am so excited to be given the opportunity to do it. My personal favorites from the collection include the Megan Dress and the Tara Dot Beige Coat – so so amazing! :) What are yours?
Make sure to check out Heidi’s website for more information on her and her products and why not follow her on Facebook and Twitter and stay tuned on her exciting adventure as one of Ireland’s most talented Fashion Designers.
I hope you enjoy Heidi’s collection as much as I have. Her designs are truely magical.
Kathleen xoxo

Off the Catwalk

Last Thursday (March 31st), I was one of those lucky fashionista’s to be in the audience for the Off the Rails Roadshow. For their season finale, Sonia & Brendan visited my second home – the wonderful White Water Shopping Centre in Newbridge Co. Kildare.
As a girl who had never seen Off the Rails (I know tut tut), I was excited by the unknown. What I did know though was that the fashion and style were gonna be amazing. And as always (almost always) I was right! All us lucky gals in the audience were subjected to fashion shows, tips, giggles, make over’s, spot prizes and a whole lotta Brendan & Sonia!
And yes, I think it’s safe to say, I will never miss an episode again!
So before the show, I was in the front row for a fashion show they were hosting. I got some amazing shots of the outfits I loved the most. Those outfits, you guessed it – I’m about to share with you! I have placed the photographs in a Gallery format to make it easy for you to flick through them. Which look is your favorite? Let me know! :)
So until the show airs next week, why not get your fashion fix right here on Squidgy Moments, with some of my favourite outfits from the season finale of Off the Rails.

I am Fashion. Are you?

Ok, so as a girl who has a crazy obsession with reading fashion magazines day after day (I mean who doesn’t!?) I got to thinking about what “true style” or “true fashion” really is? Although many would consider themselves as “followers” and swear by sticking to trend after trend, I see myself as more of a mover and a shaker. Why is this you ask, well it’s not because I think I’m the bees knees or see myself as the most stylish gal in the world, it’s because I don’t feel the need to stick to rigid trends just to be considered fashionable or stylish.
Now don’t get me wrong, being a small town girl means that I have made plenty of style mistakes over the years (who hasn’t!?) but now as a more travelled & educated girl at the lovely and young age of 22, I have finally become comfortable enough in my own skin to rock any style or look I want. How you ask? Well that’s easy to answer; it’s from finding and defining my own style. Oh yes, style icons are not my thing because I consider myself as a style icon, for me and only me.
Fashion shouldn’t be about sticking to what celebrities are wearing or about what magazines tell us to wear. It’s about being exposed to these things and interpreting them and making them our own. We all have a unique style and this is the one you should embrace because this is the one that you can rock season after season! Now don’t get me wrong, I can’t wait for all the stores to unleash their spring collections, but this is so I can find statement pieces that suit me and that I can wear year after year.
My advice to you? Embrace your own style. Who cares what anyone else thinks as long as you are comfortable enough to say, I’m making a statement for me and nobody else! People sometimes look at the clothes I wear and you know what I do? I hold my head high and smile, because I am rocking my look and that’s all that matters.
I mean can any of you really define what style you are? I ask myself every day what style I am and I can’t pinpoint it?! You know why? Because I don’t stick to a rigid style, there is no word for my style except that it’s my style! I mean my style in words is a mix of preppy girl meets prairie girl meets hippy girl meets American girl meets chic girl!? I mean wooooah! I know I’m a lover of talking but that’s a mouthful! But what is yours?
I guess what I’m trying to say is, define your own style. Have your take on what fashions we are exposed to and let you and your personality shine through because I promise you this, this is what will make you remember able as a style icon and I promise you, you will be forever comfortable in your own skin and who you are.
Things are depressing enough in this country without us worrying about how we look to add to it. Be yourself and shine in this recession. Make your stamp on the world.
Let inspirations just be inspirations, you should be whoever you want to be!
Be your own style icon xoxo