Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Guest Post by the lovely Skinny Doll

Hi lovelies, I've missed you! I have had a hectic few months but I'm back blogging now & thought I'd start off this new stage of my life & blogging life with an amazing guest post by the lovely Skinny Doll. 

I hope you love it as much as I do! xxxx


Being stylish is not just about wearing the latest trends, its about understanding and flattering your body shape. To feel and look your best you've got to dress for you body shape and there are lots of tricks of the trade to make that happen and still be bang on trend...

Pears, apples, column and hourglass.. to find out which one you are.. stand in front of a full length mirror, take a straight object, (sweeping brush... measure tape... get creative! ) and clip it under your arms with the other end resting at the hip, this can determine where your wider "bits" are... Pears have a wider hip than shoulder line... they have well defined waists and are bootylicious! Apples are, as the name suggests are round, they may carry weight on their tummy area... Column do exactly what they say on the tin.. bust and hip line are the same width.. and hourglass gals are smaller at the waist with full bust and hip lines....

But before you go anywhere... your "smalls" are of LARGE importance.. get your Bridget Jones knickers out and go for a professional bra fitting... the right undies streamline you from the start ... go for a nude bra either uplifting or minimizing which can actually reduce you by two cups sizes with is a big change! There are lots of Spanx type knickers out there... and all create great silhouettes.. some of my favs are from every gals guru GOK ...  make sure you shop around for the right one for you... 

Gok Wan's Sculpt me Skirt €35

Gok Wan's Balconette Sassy Slip €47

Gok Wan's Basque in Glory €38

For the pear gals...
If you're pear shape boot-cut trousers, balance out your silhouette, they will minimize your hips and bum and buy them one size too long and wear them with a heel or wedge it will balance out your they will elongate and slim your legs... bring attention to you upper body rather than the bottom... avoid tube tops, mermaid or pencil cut skirts that will only make you seem larger at the bottom... enhance your bust area with bright tops, defined collar, lapel and sleeves... wrap dresses are perfect for pear shapes...   they minimize hips and they also emphasis your waist which is also great if you're an hourglass shape... 


For the apple ladies...
If you hold your weight around your tummy go for empire line tops.. that means the seam comes just under your bust, your slimmest part and then the material skims over your tummy... flattening those bits you want to hide!  draw attention to your assets by wearing low necklines ... and wear accessories that bring attention to the face, tops embellished with beading and chains along the neckline works magic.  Do not wear clingy, large patterned fabrics, large belts and pleats that tend to emphasize your mid-section.

MONSOON Feather TOP - £75

Columns chicks  -
You babes tend to be straight up and down.. so the tricks here is to create an illusion of curves; wear elegant dresses with cinched waists, wrap-around dresses, A-line skirts, broad shouldered tops and semi-fitted clothes. Belts are your best friends, do not be afraid to experiment with various styles and work them into your wardrobe. Do not wear baggy clothes, sheath dresses and low rise jeans that tend to hide curves in the body.


Monsoon €22

Hourglass babes -
Having this naturally balanced body type, it is quite easy to look for stylish clothing... the trick here is to emphasize your curves, especially your waist, without adding bulk. Elegant wrap dresses, wide leg jeans, clingy fabrics and belts work best.. avoid stiff fabrics and baggy clothes that hide your curves but be careful too so you do not become overly sexy!!! Easy tiger!



OASIS dress - €62

No matter what size you are Nude platforms will make your legs look longer and slimmer..  remember that darker colours are more slimming than light colours and small prints are more flattering than large ones... 

 Nude shoe - £45 Asos online

Don't go for any clingy thin materials like satins or silks or Lycra's because they will show up any wobbly bits... instead opt for a thicker more structured fabric ... contrary to popular belief far more slimming to wear something more fitting and structured than to try and hide it all under loose and floaty clothes which can just add bulk to you ...

Accessories are a must ...  there is no easier or quicker way of channelling a new trend or a bright colour through your shoes, your jewellery or your scarf! Its the easiest and cheapest way to update your look ... also its a fool proof way to draw attention to areas of body that you like and away from areas you don't!  So a bright shoe can look fabulous!

No matter what size you are .. or where you are on your weight loss journey...  wear it with confidence and stand tall.. you're gorgeous!


Make sure to check out The Skinny Doll's blog & why not follow her on Twitter, she's great! :) 

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Rachel Berry Chic

I've been at a style crossroads the past few weeks. I felt I had lost my way and I felt my wardrobe needed a new revamp. This confusion was further fueled by the in between season limbo that most high street stores are only coming out of and I was scared because I didn't know what I really liked anymore.

One thing was for sure, my love for all things preppy was still as strong as ever. I adore cute cardigans, printed knits and dresses and skirts I can team these with. I've been told before I dress quite similar to Rachel Berry and I agree. I love how she dresses and in my time of confusion, I turned to Glee (the best show ever!! ;))

So today I'm going to share some of my favorite Rachel outfits with you in a post I like to call Rachel Berry Chic! I also love the cute dresses she was wearing in Season 2 but I cant find these on Google! Oih! :)

 Hopefully I will find the time to post some of my own preppy looks over the next few weeks but for now, what do you guys think of Rachel Berry's style?!

Let me know & make sure to share your preppy chic tips!! :) xxx

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Guest Post: Vintage Jewellery & Heirlooms

Hi lovelies, welcome to the another great guest post. This post which is written by the lovely Chantelle will take you through some of her family heirloom jewellery. 

Enjoy :) xxx


Hello everyone! I am thrilled to be a guest blogger on Kathleen’s blogs as it is one of my favorites! We were asked to write about a subject of our choice once it had a fashion/style theme so I had a little think and I decided to discuss heirloom jewellery. The concept came to me when I read about Gwyneth Paltrow archiving her amazing wardrobe for her daughter Apple. It got me thinking about what I would pass down to my family and this is the subject of this blog post. 
I am an only child so I am very fortunate to have been bequeathed some beautiful jewellery from my Mum who passed away some years ago. Over time I have accumulated some other fabulous pieces and this little collection is what I like to refer to as my heirloom jewellery i.e. the pieces that I imagine that I will pass down to my children and hopefully will continue to be passed down through generations for years to come. I think because I do not have siblings I like the idea of passing on parts of my family history as I am the only one in the family line.  I love the idea of sitting down with a future daughter or grandchild, taking one of these pieces out of their boxes and explaining where it came from and why it is important. Cheesy but true. Let’s have a look at what I’m talking about:

Pearl Earrings: These are my favourite items of jewellery at the moment and wear them at least once a week. They are incredibly pretty, simple and classic. My style is quite tailored and girly so they go with a lot of my wardrobe! I wear them when I want to have that sophisticated, Coco Chanel vibe. I love wearing them with my dark blue skinny jeans, a Breton top and my hair in a bun or side ponytail like in this photo to show them off.

Engagement Ring: This is my Mum’s engagement ring which is one of the pieces I got after she died.  I don’t actually wear this as I’m afraid I’ll lose it and it is very precious to me as you can imagine. Though I will admit sometimes I will slip it on and pretend it is my ring. I think if I ever got married I would wear this ring on my right hand as my something old, a symbol of union and family. While it is not something I would wear everyday it is definitely an item I would like to see stay in the family.

Horse Brooch: This is a gift from my Nan when I was going through my horse mad phase. I used to wear it as a tie pin when I was competing in shows. Jumping forwards a couple of years and I use it to dress a plain sweater or one my winter coats. It is a little bit battered and bruised but I think it adds character to the piece.

Debs jewellery: These are pieces I actually bought myself. I worked as a waitress while I was in school so I was a lady of means! For my debs I bought this beautiful choker and bracelet from a jewellery shop called Silvermine in Waterford. I have only worn them once since. Unfortunately I don’t get many chances to wear such statement jewellery. I need to start living a lifestyle that involves more charity galas! Even though they do not get worn often I love them! They were the first real pieces of jewellery I bought myself so for me they symbolise independence and that real departure into womanhood.

So that is it from me for now! I hope you enjoyed this piece! If you want to hear more from me check out my blogs http://thelifeandtimesofchantelle.blogspot.com/  and http://www.projectchantelle.blogspot.com/ . Or say hello on Twitter  www.twitter.com/chanywalIace I would love to hear what you think of this post!

Chantelle x

Friday, August 5, 2011

Outfit of the Day

Hi lovelies! Hope you all have a super weekend! :)

When I woke up this morning there wasn't a cloud in the sky so to work today I wore a cute floral prom dress from Penneys/Primark teamed with a Tommy Hilfiger polka dot cardigan I bought in NYC a few years back (for only $13 i might add!!!).

I got home though and felt I wanted to be all cosy, so I popped on my favorite hoodie which looked great with my dress!

You'll find my summery work look below. I'm lucky that the agency I work with aren't super formal which means I can wear a lot of my favorite clothes to work! :)

This picture then shows my coral Abercrombie & Fitch hoodie that I bought a few years back in NYC. I absolutely adore it and it's one of my fav A&F pieces out of a pretty huge collection! : )

What do you guys think? :)


Monday, August 1, 2011

Outfit of the Day

Hi lovelies, today's outfit of the day features a new dress I bought yesterday in wait for it...Tesco's for a very cheap amount of €7!! I got two of these dresses, both with floral print and I must say they are so comfy and so so flattering! A great Bank Holiday Weekend find!

I was down by the sea this weekend with my boyfriend Paddy and our little note in front of me is about Paddy's Pug Winston! There's some pics of him on my Squidgy Moments blog if you wanna see the cutie!! :)

So what do you think of my dress!? Let me know!

Thanks lovelies :) xxx

Friday, July 29, 2011

A Change in Style...

Hi lovlies, I have a dilemma and I'd love your help with it!

I've reached one of those points when I realise that my style is changing. I know that cause I'm only a youngin at 22 that I'm still finding my home in the style department. Although I'm very confident in my dress sense I'm at the point where I don't know what I want to wear next!? For the past while it's been cute flowery tea dresses or skinny jeans and a flowery floaty top.

But now I have an urge inside me to wear something completely new!? But what!?

Generally I become to like certain types of clothing over time but I'm bored of my current clothes and believe me thats a tonne of clothes to be bored with!!!

I guess now I'm thinking what's next!? I'm back in the working world up in Dublin and I'm seeing so many different styles of clothes everyday! I'm generally very cute in dress, lots of flowers and pastals with a little bit of preppy Rachel Berry chic thrown in and the odd converse orientated outfit.

I'd love to hear what styles and clothes types your loving at the mo so get in touch and let me know! And make sure to let me know if you have ever felt like this!

Kathleen :) xxx

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Brand Lust: Forever 21

As one of my favorite US stores, Forever 21 is a website I check quite often. Today I came across these three amazing new season dresses and I just had to share them with you.

The first is so playful and fun and I love the colours. The second is a real "me" dress and is quite like a dress Rachel Berry wore on Glee that I loved! The third, is just to prettyful! :)

What do you think of them and of Forever 21!? Although I pop up to the Dublin store every now and again, you just can't beat the NYC stores... :)

Kathleen xoxo

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Guest Post: My Favorite Summer Accessories by Fabiola Bedoya

Hi lovelies, welcome to the another great guest post. This post which is written by the lovely Fabiola will take you through her favorite Summer Accessories. Some of which she has made herself! 

Enjoy :) xxx

Hi everyone name’s Fabiola I chat with Miss Kat via Twitter under @fabii_cakes and I am soo excited to be sharing with you all my go-to summer accessories. Now, some of these I have made and others I got from friends and etc, either way enjoy!

Lately I have been loving floral headbands and since I am a d.i.y kinda gal I made the pink rose one and loved it, my friend made the other. Flowers always look so pretty in hair!

                   Here are some of my favorite summer rings. For Summer I am loving gems, big stones, big flowers and rhinestones galore!

The next accessories I am loving is earrings, especially dangly ones. I love anything turquoise and exotic 
looking. I am also into the cross trend as well as you can see by my silver dangly earrings =)

FEATHERS!!! Yes, I am HUGE on the feather trend right now, from earrings to hair extensions.

Last but not least NECKLACES all kinds with stones, turquoise and dream catchers. I love layering necklaces 
during the summer especially really eye catching ones like below =)

Anywhos hope you enjoyed a look inside my fave summer pieces  and take a look at my Etsy shop > http://www.etsy.com/shop/fabiicakes I post handmade goodies there =)

New Job - New Wardrobe

Hi lovelies, how are we? :)

If you follow me on Twitter, you would know that I recently started a new job. So for me, a new job means buying new smart clothes to wear! Over the next few months I'm gonna share some of my favorite work outfits with you so today I'll start with this one... :)

I love love love this outfit! I'm very much into the neutral beige & brown colours when it comes to office chic and so far this has been my fav outfit for work!

The chinos & silk polka dot blouse are from New Look, the cardi is from A|Wear as are my peep toes pumps (which are out of view but you can see here)

My nail varnish is Maybelline's Hot Salsa that I'm tots in love with at the moment!

What do you guys think!? Have you any hot office looks to share or tips to give! Let me know! :)

Kat :) xxx

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Outfit of the Day

Hi lovelies, first of all a huge sorry for my lack of blogging. I started a new job and have been pretty sick to but im on the mend :)

Todays outfit of the day is an amazing maxi dress from when I worked in Monsoon! I wore it to a wedding a couple of weeks back which is where this shot is taken but im wearing it again today! :) My cardi is also Monsoon and my necklace is from a market I attended on my hols.

Let me know what you think & i hope your having a super weekend :)

Much loves,
Kathleen xoxo

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Guest Post: Festival Vintage by Bang On Vintage

Hi lovelies, welcome to the first of my guest posts. This post is written by Deborah from Bang on Vintage. 

With Oxygen, Electric Picnic and lots more festivals looming, this post on Festival Vintage is worth having a look! Enjoy :) xxx


So Glastonbury is done and dusted but the Festival Season is just beginning. If you want to work Festival fashion using the High Street while adding a splash of Vintage to your look then here's a run down of the top 3 Celebrity Festival looks and how to work them. (Pictures courtesy of www.telegraph.co.uk, vogue.com and www.look.co.uk )

Kate Moss

She's a seasoned Festival goer and she never fails to get it wrong. Her look this year was Snakeskin print jeans, laid back leather jacket and of course Hunter Wellies. Here's the High Street and Vintage version.

Diesel Jacket £273 at Very.co.uk

Snakeskin Jeans £40 at Asos.com

Vintage Sunglasses £12 at Bang On Vintage

Alexa Chung

This woman is the epitomy of Vintage cool. Her look was denim cut off shorts, Vintage Leopard coat and gorgeous Chanel handbag and Black wellies. Heres the High Street and Vintage version. 

Topshop £98

Matalan £12

Bang On Vintage £20

Jacquetta Wheeler

She worked Festival cool at Glasto with her Vintage dress, Leather Jacket, Mulberry satchel and layered gold jewellery. Here's your High Street and Vintage version.

Dorothy Perkins £32

Asos £15

Bang On Vintage both £7
Hope you enjoyed the guest post. Check out www.bangonvintage.co.uk for more Vintage goodies and feel free to pop over to the blog and say hello xxxx

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sales Sales Sales!

Hi lovelies, please tell me I'm not the only fashion loving gal who's left moneyless after to much spending in the sales!? :D

Oh my have I enjoyed them! I even got the special River Island band (after been up queing since half six!!) and got soooo much stuff! Shops I hit this week included Penneys/Primark, A|Wear, New Look & River Island!

Let's have a look at the goodies I got.... :)

A|Wear Purchases:

So although I think A|Wear have increased their prices so much, I did manage to find to great bargains in their sale (I found their sale prices really high this year though). I got this gorgeous oversized burnt orangy cardi! Reduced from €30 to €15! It's super dressy and great for my new job!

The second thing I bought were these amazing peep toe pumps that were only €12 in the sale! These are my first A|Wear shoes and I haven't taken them off since I bought them! They are sooooo comfy!

New Look Purchases:

I don't generally shop in New Look, but I had a peep in this week and the sale had just started!I got this gorgeous skirt and cutesy shorts for €10 each and the bangles & ring were a steal to!

Penneys/Primark Purchases:

I am a divil for the cardigans and these gorgeous preppy chic cardigans were only €3 and €5 in the sale! Bargain!!

River Island Sale:

This sale rocked my socks!! I got so much and due to my special discount brand I only paid half the price of the sale price!! €65 for all these goodies! Shoulda been €130 in the sale minus the band!

Lucky Meeeee!

I also met Whitney Port on Friday and she was sooo nice and looks so amazing in person! My phone died right as I was about to get a pic with her (im devo) but here's my autograph and a shot I got of her at the Kildare Village Event that I got online! 

Today I'm off to see Glee perform in Dublin and I am so excited! This is a dream come through foe me as I'm the hugest fan! I dress quite like Rachel Berry so today Im sporting one of my Rachel Berry dresses and cardi's! I am leaving the Penny Loafers at home though as it's just such a gorgeous day! 

Have a great day lovelies xxxxx